Fritz Mayer van den Bergh went in search of the most beautiful artworks in Europe and succeeded in purchasing a number of them: Bruegel’s Mad Meg, a 16th-century royal manuscript, a centuries-old Christmas cradle, touching medieval sculptures, beautiful children’s portraits...

Experience the excitement of the real collector as he makes yet another discovery!


Practical details

Continuous group tour

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Capacity: max. 10 persons per guide while Covid restrictions apply. max. 15 persons per guide when Covid restrictions are lifted 
  • Languages: NL – ENG – FR – GER– SP – IT
  • Price guided tour: € 105, not including museum entry fee (€ 8 p.p. or, for groups of 12 or more: € 6 p.p.)
  • The museum has a listening system, so that the guide can be heard perfectly.


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